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About Los & Stigter

About Los & Stigter

Los & Stigter is a well-known brand in the field of intellectual property and its protection.

The firm is established in 1910 and employs experienced attorneys with proven track records



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Los & Stigter: Patent and more

Los & Stigter was established in Amsterdam in 1910 when the Dutch patent act came into force.

The office traditionally has its head office in Amsterdam and has branch offices in and to Utrecht and Eindhoven.

Los & Stigter employs specialists in the field of protection of intellectual property, which includes patents for invention, trade marks, designs, domain names and copyright.

Los & Stigter works on behalf of domestic and foreign clients ranging from multinational companies to private persons, as well as scientific institutions and universities.

Los & Stigter entertains an extensive network of professional relations to cover its activities on a global scale.