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Patent attorney at Los & Stigter

Do you want to apply for a patent on your unique invention? Benefit from the expert and legally recognised patent attorneys of Los & Stigter. We have offices in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven.

Patent applications

The innovative attorneys of Los & Stigter provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your product is protected in a professional way. Our specialized team of patent agents helps and guides you through the application of a patent for your invention. Los & Stigter is also the right place for the protection of your invention against infringement by third parties. A patent attorney is legally required to maintain confidentiality, unlike consultants posing as patent experts that are no patent agents.

The establishments of Los & Stigter:

  • Amsterdam
  • Utrecht
  • Eindhoven

More information about patent attorneys
Do you want to know more about the patent attorneys of Los & Stigter? We are happy to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us.

Why Los & Stigter?

  • Founded in 1910

  • Authorized to act for the European Patent Office

  • Protection on a global basis through an extensive network of professional relations