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Would you like to protect the expensive research and development efforts undertaken by your company? Los & Stigter helps you with submitting your patent application, both at home and abroad.

Los & Stigter

For a patent to be approved and granted, your application must comply with the legal requirements. At the end of each patent application will follow the claims, that specify the exclusive rights. These must be well formulated and indicate exactly what the applicant for the patent wants to protect. Furthermore, in each patent application the name of the inventor(s) must be mentioned. A good protection stands or falls with the wording of the patent claims.

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Do you want to know more about the patent application at Los & Stigter? Feel free to contact us. We will gladly provide you with additional information.

Why Los & Stigter?

  • Founded in 1910

  • Authorized to act for the European Patent Office

  • Protection on a global basis through an extensive network of professional relations