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Register your trademark in order to prevent abuse

Would you like to register your own trademark? Come over to Los & Stigter. We give advice and assist you during the whole process.

Trademark protection

Both at home and abroad Los & Stigter provides trademark registration since 1910. Los & Stigter is also the right place for the registration of designs and domain names. With us you can register all kinds of trademarks, such as names, packaging, fragrances, sounds and colours. By registering a trademark, you are the trademark holder and you can safely continue to use the trademark. You also have the right to act when faced with an infringement committed by third parties on your unique brand. By registering a trademark, you can take further action against corresponding domain names and trademarks.

Some work areas of Los & Stigter:

  • Oppositions
  • Licenses
  • Designs
  • Invalidity opinions
  • Patents
  • Brands

More information
Do you want to know more about registering a trademark at Los & Stigter? We are happy to provide you with additional information. Feel free to contact us.

Why Los & Stigter?

  • Founded in 1910

  • Authorized to act for the European Patent Office

  • Protection on a global basis through an extensive network of professional relations