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Trademark filing

Would you like to protect your unique brand? Benefit from our knowledge and experience and let Los & Stigter deposit your trademark.

Trademark filing

Los & Stigter, established in 1910, is a specialist in the field of registering trademarks, both at home and abroad. Next to your trademark filing you can also come to us for registering specific letters, names, packaging, fragrances, sounds and logos. After all, a brand is not limited to a trademark alone. Therefore we are also capable of protecting each unique logo or even a sound distinctive for your brand.
If you are the first to have a trademark filed, then you are the trademark holder. Competitors are no longer entitled to the use of your trademark. When you choose for Los & Stigter, the registration of your trademark progresses professionally and without any unexpected surprises.

The establishments of Los & Stigter:

  • Amsterdam
  • Utrecht
  • Eindhoven

More information
Whenever you want more information about the deposit of your trademark, feel free to contact us.

Why Los & Stigter?

  • Founded in 1910

  • Authorized to act for the European Patent Office

  • Protection on a global basis through an extensive network of professional relations