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Protection of intellectual property

Do you want your intellectual property to be safe? Patent office Los & Stigter is a reliable partner who can help you with the proper protection of your intellectual property.

Good protection

We provide protection of your intellectual property against conscious or unconscious use by third parties. In addition we are happy to give you extensive advice. Guaranteeing a correct description of your invention, you can be sure to enjoy the most suitable protection. We will also help you with the protection of your intellectual property by monitoring the activities of competitors in your field.

Los & Stigter

We are a reputable firm that specializes in accurate and no-nonsense services in the field of patents, trademarks and designs. Our service is characterized by a direct binding between the customer and client. This has the great advantage that there are no communication disturbing links in between, causing misunderstandings to be avoided.

More information
Would you like more information about the protection of your intellectual property, feel free to contact us.

Why Los & Stigter?

  • Founded in 1910

  • Authorized to act for the European Patent Office

  • Protection on a global basis through an extensive network of professional relations